Our Volunteer Program

When we help others, we help ourselves.

Redstone Highlands offers a wide range of opportunities for people who are interested in volunteer service. If you would like to share your time to touch lives and benefit your community, Redstone Highlands may be the ideal place for you.

Get Creative!

Do you have a special talent or interest that you enjoy sharing with others? At Redstone Highlands, we are always looking for new and different ways to bring enjoyment to our residents. Tell us more about your particular talent. You may be just the person to bring brightness to someone's day through a volunteer job that is unique to you.

Time Involved

Our volunteer positions can fit into a range of schedules. Whether you prefer to help us weekly, monthly or on an "on call" basis, there are volunteer options at Redstone. We will help you find one that fits well with your other activities.

Training and Orientation

Orientation is provided to all of our volunteers. You will have a chance to meet with one of our volunteer coordinators, tour our facility and to find out about Redstone and the work volunteers do. Once we find a volunteer position that suits your interests and schedule, we will help you to learn that job and provide the resources and support you need to work with our residents and staff.

Choose the location nearest you!

Volunteers serve in a variety of capacities at each of our three facilities, in Greensburg, North Huntingdon and Murrysville. Contact the campus that is most convenient for you to find out what volunteer positions are available and suited to your interests.


For more information on volunteer opportunities

Call (724)832-8400
Ask for Volunteer Services

Email: volunteer@redstonehighlands.org

Admissions, the provision of service, and referrals of residents shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age or sex.

Program service shall be made accessible to eligible individuals with disabilities through the most practical and economically feasible methods available. These methods include, but are not limited to equipment redesign, the provision of aids, and the use of alternative service delivery locations. Structural modifications shall be considered only as a last resort among available methods.